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Oscar De La Hoya Bibliography
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Oscar de la Hoya
Oscar de la Hoya was born on February12, 1971 in Montebello, California. De la Hoya was greatly known for his powerful skills in boxing. He lived in East Los Angeles when he started boxing at the age of six. He never thought that he could be a pro boxer in his future. He was often persuaded with money from his family for every fight he won and was also pushed to go to the gym. But it all paid off when he later knew his talent and love for boxing had grown.

After he won his first gold medal in the Olympics, he dedicated it to his mother. But soon after he returned home, he found out that his beloved mother had died from Breast Cancer. After the tragic death and losing to his top two rivals, (Felix Trinadad and Surgar Shane Mosely) he began to rethink his career. De la Hoya decided to temporarily leave his career for another dream since childhood- singing.

His C.D was beyond

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