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To introduce myself , My full name is Thuy Anh Nguyen. Presently, I am a junior of Banking ¬†Academy in Viet Nam. Beside studying ¬†Financial Administration , I am also known as an actress. I started to take a part in acting since 2009 . there are many misunderstanding thoughts about ¬†this industry , majority usually prejudice that people who related to this are indecent and indulged in play . To be come a famous and well known person it leads to the situation that a lot of people heard about my name but does not really understand the person I really am . As mentioned ,they assume I am a arrogant and dissipate kind of girl. I can not understand why so many people still have those preconception for this industry .I feel so disappointed and indignant over the judgments of others about me when I am totally different.First of all, Acting has always been my dream since I was a kid. when I found the opportunity that helps me reach closer to my dream , I seized it immediately without any hesitation. From then till now I just want ¬†to do my best to be an great actress that can inspire people and deliver messages through all the roles that I receive. However ,not many people that I know felt what I feel in acting even my parents, some even look at me with a discriminate eyes. They think that this is not orthodox ¬†job, ¬†is just what you do when you are young then when you get old you have to find ‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ job to cover everything in your life,‚ÄĚIt is not a noble and stable jobs‚ÄĚ they say. The point of view of majority for this industry is that (1) it is a must to exchange yourself in order to be famous which include sexual matter . (2) to become successful in showbiz, artists need wealthy people who willing to spend money on them. (3)it can only last 3 or 4 years for an artist to make money and keep up with this industry as this is a modifying ¬†business .(4)Acting can not ensure your life , you can seriously do this to make a living .Many of my relatives advised me not to choose to be come and actress and focus on getting diplomas and qualifications to get a well-paid jobs after finishing University. These ¬†assumption ¬† had negative effect on me since I go opposite direction of the majority. I got so obsessed about this because I wanted to be an actress so much. I started to go ask my friends how do they think about actor and should I do it , they feel difficult to communicate with them as they are so arrogant ,they see corruption in actors as so many of them have scandal in their career, some of my friend think actors have to trade themselves to be in a movie .I continued to ask my mother ,She say to me that I can not make a living out of acting , if I am really famous then I might have a chance but if not then the income is going to be terrible, She asked me if I can make a breakthrough to be on top of the jobs and what I am going to do if I can not ?Furthermore, when I told my father I am going to choose acting when I finish University ,he warned me that it will be tough and stressful , it required mental health as I have to live by the characters I play and the ability to work overtime under high pressure without proper nutrition since I do not have much time to rest and also as a girl I would have a hard time to find happiness in marriage ¬†because in Viet Nam , a wife is stated to stay at home to take care of family. My parents also advised me to study for Master‚Äôs degree when I graduated from University so that I can have a better chance to work for foreign banks ¬†or go working abroad if possible ,that path will ensure my future ¬†.To me ,these assumption and judgment ¬†are based on what people see , not what they experienced ¬†. many people misunderstand this industry ¬†and I can not turn away from my ambition just because of the negative opinion about acting .I do have friends who are actors and I can say that they are intelligent, sociable ¬†and hard working , they create their career and put up their name by bare hands , of course there are two side of every story but it does not have to be the way that many are assuming .I can raise my ambition with my ability

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