Mgt 230 – Organizational Resources
Organizational Resources
Patrick Skeaton
MGT 230
Mary Ann Troy
Organizational Resources
Managers in a competitive business must strive to get the most economic potential out of their tangible and intangible assets, and other resources in order to keep their competitive edge. it is important for any company, regardless of the service they provide, to ensure that it is organized and functioning correctly by having the proper processes and procedures in place to be a competitive force in the market. Although there are many resources that organizations have available, managing the firm’s physical assets and human resources processes are necessary when seeking a well-managed organization.

I worked for a communications and marketing firm for four years that had three major cable clients; Time Warner, Charter Cable, and Comcast Cable. They had a vertical structure that was centralized, with three sites in two states, and were aspiring to expand but ended up downsizing. In my opinion, the organization did not have a stable structure because it did not optimize its human resources department and physical assets or employees to their full effectiveness and efficiency.

There must have been some flaw in the organization’s planning process because managers in the organization’s human resources department did not seem to know which direction the company was heading. For example, the human resources department is charged with properly estimating demand for the business’s service, and the number and quality of its current employees as well as the available external supply of workers within the area (Bateman, 2011). The company that I worked for had gone through a four month hiring surge in the efforts of expansion, and had even hosted a job-fair where there was immediate applications for employment. For all purposes, the company appeared to be stable but had notified the workforce several months down the road that there would be lay-offs and, that they were going to let go off 20-30 positions.

Maybe the organization attempted

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