Clear and Present Possibilities
Essay title: Clear and Present Possibilities…
Corporate responsibility is one of the most important things that an organization or company can think about. At my organization executive management has made it their mission to “actively shape society…to improve the life quality of socially disadvantaged people…to provide gifted young people with the technology [and] training they need to meet tomorrow’s challenges, and we help preserve and sustain society’s cultural heritage…”. This is why my organization has decided to establish a greater presence in Kava. With over fifty percent of the population being under the age of fifteen it makes sense for us to provide training to these adolescents, because they are the future for their island. Three of the major things that my company needs to focus on when moving operations to Kava include organizational processes, human resources, and ethical dilemmas that they might encounter.

“Organizational processes…enable consistent process performance across the organization and provide a basis for cumulative, long-term benefits to the organization” (Guibert, 2007). Our company must first look at what type of product or service we can produce in Kava and this will help us to develop the processes that are needed to make this division run smoothly. One main factor for setting up an organization in this country is to design an organizational structure, which would need to include upper, middle and lower management along with good quality workers. With their being a sizeable amount of Americans present on the island it may be possible, based on their education, of putting them into upper and middle management positions, at least in the beginning. As far as the supervisory positions and actual workers the majority of the indigenous people seem to be able to do quality work. Also, with English and Spanish being a fluent language in the country many of them will be able to communicate easily with customers and collogues outside of Kava. The next step in setting up the core processes of the Kava division is to determine what the goals and objectives will be and a mission statement must also be created that takes into consideration the views of the parent company and the country that the division is being created in.

All new divisions must staff their operations. This involves bringing new people into the business and making sure they are productive additions to the project. Effective human resource management matches and develops the abilities of job candidates and employees with the needs of the company. An open-minded personnel system will assist you in this process and is a key ingredient for growth.

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