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This is my step-by-step edition of Grin Reapers C-cracker recipe, which can be found here
Pics by me (kisps)
This is a very cost efficient alternative to smoking. Its also probably one of the easiest routes to edible cannabis out there. Ive been making batches of these for a week *edit: years!* now, and ive cut back on smoking by a significant amount. The high lasts a lot longer than smoking, and is a lot more of a physical, sedating high.

0.4 – 0.6g cannabis
8 saltine crackers (any kind will work)
Organic Peanut butter (non-hydrogenated!!! “skippy” will not work.)
Spread peanut butter on the tops of all 8 crackers. I use organic, crunchy peanut butter. The crunchy kind seems to have more peanut oil, and just tastes better. Dont buy the stuff thats loaded with huge peanut chunks, its a bitch to spread that stuff on crackers. The ideal brand of p-butter you want is Adams Natural Peanut Butter (the smooth kind), its loaded with plenty of cannabinoid absorbing peanut oil. If your options are limited, just go with a natural peanut butter (look for jars that have oil resting on top of the peanut butter).

(Im aware they have natural versions of their products, but they are also not really effective at all)
(I cant stress this enough, you will not get buzzed at all if you use those garbage brands, youll also be consuming partially hydrogenated soybean oil (the main component in the faux-butter that movie theaters use on their popcorn). This “partially hydrogenated” shit will not absorb the goods properly, so make sure you pay attention at the grocery store 😛

Cut your bud up into a fine dust with scissors. I would recomend using scissors (or a nice grinder), as the scissors can cut your bud into a fine consistency (you want the cut up material to be basically as small as the tobacco bits in cigs). This

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