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Think of this situation: we have a set spectrum of colors that humans know of and can see with their own eyes. White to black and each color in-between. But what if there were more colors that we were able to see and just have not discovered yet. What would they look like? What would this color be the color of? This just jump-started the right side of the brain, also known as the creative side. A reader probably has questions like these of their own that could be just like this. This is not an everyday thought process, though. This is an extremely creative situation. Creativity is a process of thinking that can include the previous color example, infinity, and optical illusions.

This first example is a very in-depth model of creativity. Infinity is scientifically proven to be too much of an extreme thought that it cannot be completely processed by a human brain. Of course we can understand what it means, but we cannot fully grasp the concept of the word infinity. Take the universe for example. We know a lot about the universe surrounding us, but what about the rest of it, the part that extends forever? How could something never end? Would there not eventually be an ending wall or barrier of some sort? How could scientists explain this phenomenon, also? No end. Take numbers for a second instance. You can come up with a number like a trillion gazillion billion whatever, but you can always add another 0 onto the end of it. Numbers never end, either. There are many questions and creative thoughts that could develop from the fully detailed thought of infinity. Another show of creativity involves infinity, but is an optical illusion.

Optical illusions require a great amount of creativity to both produce and visualize. One of the best optical illusionists ever was named M. C. Escher. An optical illusion of his, the one I described that included infinity, is attached to this paper.

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