List of Confirmed Requirements
Essay Preview: List of Confirmed Requirements
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List of Confirmed Requirements
In research for determining the essential requirements for what Kudler needs, its best that the opt-out system would be useful for the company. Kudler can gather any information that it can about its customers, while give the customer a chance to opt-out and decide not to do it if they wish. The system will sort the information by offering all customers a “store loyalty card” that will grant the customer coupons and points, and it will record customer information by tracking customer orders and credit card transactions in the store.

Security for the device is highly mandatory due to the fact that no customer would ever want their information taken if no security is present to ensure that none of their personal data goes out. The database that will be established must have remote access from the stores POS, or point of sale. That data has to be collected at a storage point somewhere in the office. If a mass amount of loyal customers use the new program then a larger database would be required. The processor and memory storage is mandatory, but as long as it is capable of running the system, then the decision to get the best processor and memory storage is optional.

The monitoring system used to keep track of what each customer buys is also mandatory. Since the main objective of the service program is to keep track on what the consumer buys, it is within the best interest of the company to know what they are buying, so that they will have it ready for the customer the next time they come back. The type of monitoring system used for the customer data is optional because once the data is inputted into the system, then that is where it stays. Also, the system can also be used to find out if anyone attempted to steal this information. The audit function would be considered mandatory because it can track any changes that are made to information related to financial status.

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