Edaran Otomobil National Berhad
The report is all about Edaran otomobil National Berhad (EON) is the forefront the Malaysian motor sector. From just 14 outlets establish in 1985, EON has grown to chain of 53 sales branches and 125 franchise sales dealers and after sales network of 283 outlet. We analyse the weakness, strength, threats and opportunities of EON company to identify and determine whether the company are strength enough to face the external and internal environment. From the selected strategies of strategic management, it been test and required in financial statement of EON Bhd. The analyse also use EFE, IFE and Matrix to determine and overcome any problems by lead the automobile Malaysia industry which cast all over the competitors company. Due to strong external demand expansionary fiscal operations and stable financial market. As we know the EON’s focus still on its two core business with automotive distribution and financial services. The EON group also involved in selling used car, MCB truck (in Sabah & Sarawak only), accessories and care product, converting standard Proton cars in luxury edition and manufacturing car seats. From the analysis also, EON company would produce the high lead management strategies and high quality of product which overcome overseas automobile.

Executive summary letter
Background of EON Bhd
Identify the firm’s existing mission
Identify the firm’s existing objectives
Identify the firm’s existing strategies
Evaluation of current mission statement on nine criteria
Develop new mission statement for the organization
2.1 New mission statement for the organization
Problem Identification
SWOT Framework
4.1 Identifying the organization’s external opportunities/threats
4.1.1 Opportunities
4.1.2 Threats
4.1.3 EFE Matrix (External Factor Evaluation Matrix)
4.2 Identifying the organization’s external strengths/weaknesses
4.2.1 Strengths
4.2.2 Weaknesses
4.2.3 IFE(Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix)
4.2.4 Financial Ratios

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