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Mac vs. PC
We all know that Macintoshes are more expensive than PCs, right? Not entirely: It is more correctly said that Macs are more competitive in some price ranges configurations than in others. At the low end, the PC is less expensive than the Mac–if you can do without Macs multimedia and connectivity capabilities, but more expensive if you cant do without them. However, at the high end, the design focus is on multimedia processes and this is where the PCs just arent competitive from both hardware or cost perspectives. Apple does not charge for client access rights onto a server, whereas Microsoft charges $3,295 for a 25-user license. Persons in the market for a computer for a specific use are, more often than not, craving quality. People will continuously pay much more for quality, reliability, and a better experience all together.

Your operating system is the software needed for basic operation–which is crucial to the operating performance of the machine. The Mac operating system OS X lies on an industrial-strength UNIX bedrock fiercely at work to guarantee that your computing experience is free of system crashing and awesome performance. Only with a Mac will you find flawless consistency of hardware and software. Now you are given an option when ordering a Mac: Windows; current and future PCs will not be able to run OS X as an option. Microsoft Windows has many problems and flaws in their operating system, and thousands of them are rooted in the very hardware the operating system itself is running. is always placing product “patches” online for download for Windows users. The patches are attempts to cover-up or patch various holes and flaws in the system. Just like stitching the holes in your jeans, patches weaken your computer. Microsoft should have just started over. According to PC Magazine, “One of the problems with Windows it deteriorates from use. People load

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