The Tree Hugger – Mythology Case
The Tree Hugger
The myth of the Tree hugger begins with his birth and his instant attraction to the planet and all that it is made of. He would give up anything to keep everyone and everything safe from harm, which makes him an instant attraction to anyone with a compassionate soul.

A very kind-hearted, young man named Nature was born from his mother’s wrist after she was bitten by a bunny. This bunny was very powerful and had control over all the land. He knew immediately after he bit the woman it was going to end up badly for him once the child figured out his destiny, so ever since then he has been very cautious, quiet, and secretive around humans in fear that someday Nature would find him and destroy him. In the warmer seasons he would disguise himself with a brown, camouflage coat so he could blend in with the woods, and in the snowy, winter time he became pure white to match the snow. Today, the bunny still exists and is still in hiding for fear of extinction.

As Nature grew in form and mentality, he became closer and closer to the inhabitants of earth and had a deep passion for making sure all of them were safe, no matter how small or ugly. He wore no shoes so he could make sure he was not stepping on anyone and he never cleaned himself off because everything on him was from some kind of living thing which made it precious. In the spring time he even let birds make nests under his hat (and they gave him the gift of bird poop all over his head). After only learning the language of the humans when he was first born, he was upset that he could not understand the birds, trees, or the sea critters and soon made it a mission to learn all the languages of the world. He traveled all over and encountered every animal that has lived and every soul planted on earth. The only one he had trouble with was the rock. Rocks tend to be very greedy and mean; they do not like intruders and hate it when something steps on them or covers them up. The only way Nature was able to convince the rocks to teach him their language was for Nature to retrieve gummy bears from the Candy Man. The Candy Man had a factory at the very top of the highest mountain, but that was not the hard part for Nature. The hard part was that the Candy Man was very stingy and liked to save all of his candy for himself. Nature decided he needed to get the Candy Man a gift that would help persuade him to share some of his gummy bears. Nature went home and began immediately. He got out flour, baking powder, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, margarine, molasses, brown sugar, vanilla, an egg, colored frosting, and colorful pieces of candy. Once he mixed all of the ingredients besides the frosting and candy pieces, he rolled out the dough onto a flat cooking sheet and punched out a little piece that resembled a woman. After baking that piece for 10 minutes he decorated her with the frosting and candy.

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