Analyse the Adamence Business Idea
Analyse the Adamence Business Idea is a website specialized in online jewellery sales. They sell jewellery in Europe at a discount price due to their lower cost (Only one showroom at Rue de la Paix in Paris). It is an innovant idea with a huge potential market (4 B$ in France). They have different kind of jewellery, from the necklaces to watches, for men, women and children. It is also posible to create a weeding ring «from scratch».They have a well organized website, clear with the discounts on the home page, which catch the customers eyes.

Explain why you believe its a viable, attractive business idea, or why it is not
In my opinion, i think it is a viable attractive business. Indeed, they decreased their costs at their minimum to maximize profits. Nowadays, more and more sectors are creating on the web, with discount specialities. the online sales are more and more working because they have almost no inventory and can earn lots of money. They can reach to lowest budgets with the 50% off on many products.

Would you invest in such an opportunity ?
I would invest in such an opportunity. The web is moving faster and faster. Small websites based on a creative idea can become big companies which worth billions. It could be a good investment to start in the business. It depends of the business, but they are so much thing we can create on the web to compete with «Real» stores. To me, the web in the future and each investment on a website could be a great opportunity and allows us to earn millions if it become bigger. The online jewellery business is also a good sector to invest because your create a substitute to Famous brand by selling discount product to people who do not have to habit to buy jewellery.

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