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Health Initiatives
The federal health initiative that I chose is the National Arthritis Action Plan. This proposal places arthritis on a recognizable pole position in the country and propelling the resources to tackle the leading cause of the pains and disability associated with arthritis among Americans. This imitative recommends that Osteoarthritis to offer opportunities for all to collaborate, discourage the development of the disease in order to help large numbers of Americans who live with the disease to have pain free life and live to the fullest having an independent lifestyle. The main aim of this initiative is to reach out to the general population living in the United States, putting measures of how to prevent chronic disease, treatment, and medication and also minding the wellness of the entire country at large.

My state is Georgia. The state health initiative that I chose is “Taking the pledge.” This is an online campaign that advocates are participating in physical activities such as daily workout, campaigning about the importance of breastfeeding, developing a healthy eating routine, avoiding cigarettes and tobacco products. The campaign is directed to every person at large and also dedicated to all other states in the country since it means a lot for the lives of everyone. Since it is an online campaign, it might spread in the entire world, mainly on social media, as a trending story in the newsfeeds or timelines.

The main effects brought by the Federal and State health initiatives are that many individuals will change their behaviors instantly. For example, In Georgia, we have experienced a considerable number of individuals in rehabs due to cases of learning how to quit smoking tobacco and its products. Focusing on federal health initiatives, a massive number of individuals have got the urge to participate in community outreach programs where Arthritis and its treatment methods are taught. Community centers are always packed due to the growing interest to know more about how to deal away with this chronic disease.


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