Interview With Person Alive In Ww2
Essay Preview: Interview With Person Alive In Ww2
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How were the conditions like when you were growing up as a kid?
We had no hardships because older brothers helped the family out. Mother was a good sewer and all of the kids passed their cloths down to each other. Her parents encouraged the kids to do things better, she said “if your going to do something do it right the first time or do your best”.

How old were you during World War Two?
About 8 yrs old.
Do you remember your family discussing anything about World War Two?
the only time was when all of the men would get together with the family they would only talk about little incidents. Her brother Frank said “I wouldnt take 1 million dollars for his tour of duties in the war but he wouldnt pay 1 million

dollars for it either and the only way he would go back was if they took 16 & 17 year old boys and put them on the front lines”
How did the war change your life as a child?
Well seeing what happened it made us fortunate that we were lucky to have all of our boys to come home without a scratch on them.
What were the living styles like during World War Two?
It was not much difference, we did not do with out anything.
How did the war effect you as you were growing up?
At that young age there was not much thought really it was left up to momma and daddy.
Did the war ever scare you?
Yes, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor just on our way to school about 7:00 in the morning, we heard it on the radio from Franklin Roosevelt and also made me scared because I Lived in Jersey across the river from New York and I did not know if they were going to bomb it either.

Did you agree or disagree with the war?
Agree with the war because it was either them or us. We had no choice.
How did the ending of the war change your life?
I was just glad it was over, thank god it did not have any violence in the United States.
What was school like during the war?
just like regular school,

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