Departure By
Joshua Braddock
A 24 year old man walks down the stairs slowly yet recklessly. He is clearly under the influence of hard drugs and alcohol (A bit like a less exaggerated version of Leo Dicaprio from “The Basketball Diaries”. He notices a row of seats. Hard zoom on seats with screeching sound. They are too far for him, he barely can move so he sits against the wall. He starts to have trouble breathing. After breathing very hard and coughing his eyes roll back quickly and we cut to a flashback of earlier in the night.

Trance music is blasting. We have an extreme closeup on the man. He snorts a line of coke away from the camera and sits back as we zoom out to reveal an apartment party. A friend

sneaks up hear him.
from behind and yells into his ear so he could
FRIEND Hey man youve had enough of that
shit. Cmon.
MAN Yeah. (beat) Gimme a sec.
FRIEND Alright when your good come over
there and meet my friends from upstate.
MAN Yeah. One sec. (A bit frustrated)
The man takes 3-4 more lines which we see in quick cuts a la Requiem for a Dream (an homage?). He is about to get up but then reaches in his pocket remembering he has a pill. He puts it in front of his face and smiles (rack focus on pill and back on man as he pops the pill). He washes it down with a random beer he grabs without looking. He recoils a bit from the effects and goes off to his friend who is with two girls in the distance. As he walks over and gives his greetings we blur out of focus and back into focus as he regains concsiousness at the train terminal.

The man comes back to reality and holds his hand against his head (He is still clearly under the influence)
The man fights to get up and stumbles toward the bathroom. Inside the bathroom there are three urinals with two large men on the two outer urinals. The man goes toward the middle one and is seemingly paranoid by the two men. He imagines them staring at him and his penis (fish eye lens. blurred focus). We cut to a wide shot of him crying against the urinal as the two men walk off seemingly alarmed by him. Closeup on man at urinal starting to pass out again. He slides against the urinal down to the floor. His eyes again roll up as we quick cut back to flashback.


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