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Do you believe in ghosts? Ever had a supernatural experience or seen something resembling a ghost? If so, in some cultures you would be classified as part of an occult. From many ancient cultures that practiced supernatural or mystical ways to a child playing with an ouija board. Occult is best described as secret knowledge and practices dealing with the supernatural or “knowledge of the hidden”. In medical terms it refers to symptoms of diseases that are hidden such as occult bleeding. Many people still perform occult practices today. What most people need to understand is that the term “occult” and “cult” are two different things, even though some cults do have occult practices. Many things are designated as occult today, but people are still afraid of it. I myself used to think it only involved satanism, necromancy, and neo-paganism. While it does include these subjects, many other practices are considered occult, such as alchemy, lucid dreams, and magic.

Alchemy is combination of many things such as chemistry, metallurgy, physics, medicine, astrology, and nature. One of the correct definitions for alchemy is “any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.” An old man comes to mind, in a dark room behind an old wooden table with bottles and books scattered across it, rapidly trying to find a way to turn his worthless items into valuable gold. Alchemy can be traced back at least 2500 years. Many ancient cultures and

some that are still around have practiced it. One of the most famous individuals to practice this “occult practice” is Isaac Newton. He had other studies considered occult but we will focus on alchemy for the time being. This brilliant man had a deep interest in natural science and material theory. In 1919 a process called artificial disintegration, was used to convert nitrogen to oxygen. Now this process is performed with massive machines called particle accelerators. Many of today’s major technology and science breakthroughs have been possible because of alchemy. Alchemy has deep roots in ancient medicine also, from entire cultures to a shaman in the woods trying to heal his family. Society owes a great deal to alchemy today, while it might be known by different names now. It is all based on ancient alchemy.

Lucid dreaming is when a person is in a dreaming state and aware of it at the same time. It is possible to have full control over the dream at the same time too. They are extremely real and often can be addicting because of the escape you get from the real world. Near death experiences can induce lucid dreaming. It is an amazing experience but at the same time scary. It can date back to almost 50,000 BC. It has a big part in cultural history. Native American tribal shamans are believed to use these dream states for healing among other things. In Greece people used it for a guide to their life. It’s amazing how something like dreams can influence people. There are different ways to induce these dreams. “MILD” or “Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams” remembering to look for signs that you are dreaming while in the dream or trying to remember to acknowledge that one is dreaming . The easiest way to induce lucid dreaming is called the “Wake Back to Bed”. This method is when one sleeps for a certain amount of time and when

waking up focusing all your thoughts on lucid dreaming. After a hour has passes one goes back to sleep while practicing

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