Essay title: Emotions
Jeffery Johnson
November 18, 2005
I am a 19 year old college student who has had many relationships, and I believe emotion is express in two ways. One way to express
them is the things I say to another person that would express my emotions, although they are not always clear to determine. The way I would express emotion is by my body language. The certain way I react to people can tell how I feel about them.

The tongue is a powerful thing it can be used to express how I feel by the way I say things. Sometimes the way I say things can be mistaken or simple taken out of context. If I shout “shut the door” I might mistaken as angry, and the only reason I shouted was to get the attention of the person across the room. Sometimes I have to give body language along with what I say to make it understood how it was meant to be said. If I had put my hands up to my mouth making a cup shape to help my voice carry and said “shut the door” it would be clear to see that I was talking to someone far off.

Most of the time, body language by

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