Statutory Rape
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This is a topic that can be viewed and tried in many different ways. This topic also varies from state to state. One could be tried and found guilty just for have intimate intercourse with their high school sweetheart. In Virginia a seventeen year old boy was with his girlfriend of one in half years. The mother approved her daughter to date t he boy. Well one day the mother came home from work early and walked in on her daughter giving oral sex to her boyfriend. The mom yelled, but still let her daughter date him. Seven months later the boy broke up with girl because it was affecting his performance in football. The mother got angry at the boy for dumping her daughter and pressed charges. Now that seventeen year old boy is serving a ten year sentence in a maximum security prison. Along with the ten year sentence he has to register as sex offender for the next 25 years. This is all because the mom got mad he broke up with her daughter.

This problem is becoming a world wide academic. All across the country young people,man and woman as getting charged and getting their lives taking from them because the parents and or gaurdians are getting mad. The once ok to have sex is becoming statutory rape because the parents get mad they broke their babies heart. Ninty percent of this starts out by the parents saying it is ok for their baby girl to date a older boy. They mostly ok it because they want their kid to be popular most of them just want what they couldnt be or couldnt have in highschool. Then they allow their kid to date the older boy,who is captain of the football team. After dating awhile they have sex. Then the football season is over and the boy wants to ask a different girl to the prom and the girls parents get mad. Then they seek revenge by pressing charges on the boy for having sex with their daughter. It was ok when they were dating,but as soon as the boy breaks up with their daughter,they get him for statutory rape and now the once football star is riding a 15 year sentence at the state penitentry.

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