Donald Trump – Foreign Policy for His Presidential Campaign of 2015-16
Roy UgolFIN 3604Term Paper        I chose Donald Trump as my candidate to discuss on his foreign policy for his presidential campaign of 2015-16. The reason being that it has a lot to do with Israel and their threating countries around it, most of my family lives in Israel so what will happen there by the actions of our president means a lot to me. To begin, Trump feels that earlier in the Iraqi war, when we pulled out and finished fighting off the rebel terrorist in the country, the United States should have received a “special gift” or half of the country’s oil field as a “spoil of war.” It’s very clear that he plans to target the middle-east oil supplies and use it to drive down the price for gas and other oil products here in the United States. So is this strategy of lowering cost of oil and fuel to the United States worth the risks that are presented by taking control of middle-eastern counties oil fields? In my opinion, no. The price of gas now is still dropping and is finally back down to a national average of about two dollars a gallon. A fair price to pay granted all the importing and exporting it takes to get the oil here and in a consumable manner. While I don’t agree on his stance of overtaking the oil fields of those countries, I can agree with his ideology of bombing all of the ISIS oil fields and aiding the forces trying to work against these terrorist actions. Some of the short term effects from his policy would as stated earlier is cheaper fuel and oil products in the United States. In the long run though, it would lead our country into chaos due to the ramifications of taking control of the surrounding countries oil fields. Many national embassies would have to close down and the allied status of some of the surrounding countries would be put into jeopardy because those countries may lose some wealth from the take-over. Here is the points that I would change in his foreign policy, first, don’t try to monopolize the other countries oil wells and reserves just to gain an advantage and make more money for yourself. Second, I would employ him to go there and possibly form alliances with the neighboring countries and have them run the oil fields so that they don’t lose anything in sense, and the united states gains not only an ally but the competitive advantage of knowing exactly what’s going on in those countries without having to invade and use up our countries military forces. The only aspect that is agreed upon in his foreign policy was like I said earlier and helps disband the ISIS terrorist group and bomb their oil fields and warehouse as to better protect the surrounding countries that are at constant odds with them. In my opinion, if he makes these vital changes he stands to have a better chance at being elected as president.

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