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Methods Paper
Amylyn Thomas
BSHS 452
January 10, 2012
Jennifer Albrecht
Ohio State University Cancer Chemotherapy Research Program
The Ohio State University Medical Center treats patients that have all different types of condition in the Columbus area of Ohio. The medical center treats all different types of cancer and all different ages. They range anywhere from 1 years old to 90 years old. Currently, I am developing a program through the Ohio State University Medical center to research a safer and cheaper alternative to Chemotherapy. With normal chemotherapy doses a patient can experience nausea and vomiting, fatigue, mouth sores (Muscositis), Nerve Damage, Infections, Diarrhea, Constipation, and Hair loss (Understanding And Managing The Side Effects Of Chemotherapy, 2011). Those these symptoms may seem that they can affect the mental health of the patient receiving Chemo, the truth is that many patients both young and old suffer from depression because of the way they feel or the way they look. Children have a really hard time dealing with the physical symptoms of Chemotherapy because many of them do not understand why they are sick. Another reason for this program is because chemotherapy is becoming more expensive over time. The research has shown that the price of chemotherapy has gone up in the past twenty years. With todays recession and economic crisis this can take a toll on a family especially one that is dealing with children who are afflicted with Cancer.

The mission of my organization is to develop a new chemotherapy drug that not only takes away some of the physical and emotional symptoms of going through Chemotherapy, but is also more affordable especially to families that are struggling financially. It is the mission of the Ohio State University Medical Center to help each individual with their specific needs. This new drug will take some time to develop which is why the selection of who will get the new Chemo drug will have to evaluate to see which patient is able to take the medication. By conducting these surveys we will be able to see who will the medication first to help improve the quality of life. Since Chemotherapy is not a cure for cancer, the selection process will have to be strict in order to make sure that critical patients receive the medicine first. The main focus of this program is to find a new alternative that not only patients can handle the side effects, but to also improve their wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Once the program has established, there will be several ways a patient can receive services to the program. The process starts out with an assessment to see what stage the cancer patient is in. There will be a survey to develop the degree of the side effects the patient is experiencing and how it is affecting the patient both mentally and physically. The second part of the assessment will be the financial backing. Patients who do not have insurance will be pushed forward because we will have a program for patients who do not have insurance. After the assessment each individual will be put into the program depending on the necessity of medication.

There will be a stretch of buildings that will need to be rented in order for the patients to come into the building. These buildings will also provide beds for already bed ridden patients and provide nurses and medical staff in order to provide medical care and emergency needed if it is needed. We are also going to provide services through social workers for the families that are having financial problems and can also provide counselors for children who do not understand what is going on with them both physically and mentally and be able to accept what is going on. With these staff members we will be able to understand how the information of what each patient is going through.


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