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As a result of the feelings mentioned above and others that are not mentioned sex becomes an issue within the office of therapists. When individuals are placed in the environment of therapist they become clients who are comfortable and open to all or most suggestions made. It is the therapists responsibility to make the client feel as if they can talk openly about anything so that they are able to assist them affectively with their issues.

The article “Sex Between Therapists and Clients” discusses the issue of sex between therapist and clients. According to the article this particular issue has become a major phenomenon that has not been properly recognized by therapists. In relation to the impact that this social and behavior trend has on research within the psychology field, the harm as a result of therapist-client sex has been recognized. Uncountable hours of research has led to the success of recognizing the harmful effects of sex issues amongst therapist and their clients according to the research information provided within this article. “Research suggests that perpetrators account for about 4.4% of therapists (7% of male therapists; 1.5% of female therapists) when data from national studies are pooled.” (Pope, 2001) The article also discusses the sex patterns, the likelihood of this issue declining, and the past causes behind this problem.

Research of the psychology field is affected by sex issues between therapists and clients based on the falsified reports provided at the end of each session. It would be difficult for researchers to trust the information provided by therapists and clients because of their personal relationship with one another. The report of the session is compromised once the Hippocratic Oath, which prohibits sexual activities with patients, is violated or broken. Clients and therapists who are sexually involved with one another would more than likely have a mutual agreement not to discuss what takes place within the session. If this is the case researchers would be gathering data and information that is inaccurate. The information gathered will be based on what should occur rather than what is occurring. “Only with systematic research that began in the 1950s that the profession began to understand the depth, pervasiveness, and persistence of the harm that can result when therapists abuse their license, role, power, and trust” (Pope, 2001).

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