Office Hours in College
On October 23, 2013, I attended my math professor’s office hour for the second time to be prepared for the quiz the day after that. I was not apprehensive meeting this particular professor because I always see him as a nice and polite person to everyone in class. He always encourage us to do well and to spend more time doing work for the class in order to succeed, and he repeats the new information regarding the new lesson regularly so going to his office hour was not something to be afraid of. My preconceived thoughts were that the professor will answer questions from each student one to one when I first visited his office hour last week, but it turned out that he could not do that because there were a lot of students visiting him too. As a group of students in his office hours, we discussed about some of the homework problems that might be on the quiz. He responded very well and thoughtfully, making the material that he taught in class clearer to me and explaining the concepts again so that we can remember how to do the problems. Overall, he is very approachable and willing to answer a lot of homework problems and other questions about the lesson, which is really helpful. I plan to visit him again and again. I learned how to better prepare for quizzes, tests and eventually final in general. I learned that by going to a professor’s office hour, I can hear what other classmates asking because I might have the same questions and even if I do not have questions about the work I can still hear what other students are concerned about. I learned how to be brave and become a better active learner by taking initiative and my own responsibility more in college. I did not realize this until now because in high school, I did not visit any teachers and did not go to tutoring a lot. Most of the time, I spent time preparing tests and doing homework by myself without help much and still understood and got decent grades in classes. College is so different than high school,

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