Oedipus Rex
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Oedipus, since the day he was born, always had control over his fate. The gods had never intervened in Oedipus’ life, but rather or simply gave a ‘hint’ as to what Oedipus is to face in the future. This ‘hint’ could supposedly be to try and help Oedipus avoid his downfall. And so, decisions as to which paths to take were not up to the gods, but to the individual, Oedipus. Logically speaking, the gods could not descend down and control Oedipus’ movement to create the outcome of Oedipus’ destiny.

When it was that Oedipus had heard of the prophecy of him killing his father and bedding his mother, he should have known what he should not do. That to avoid that horrendous fate, Oedipus should have known to avoid killing anyone and marrying anyone in his lifetime.

Was it not his decision to kill a man he just met, over an argument? Was it not Oedipus’ decision to strike back at the man even if Oedipus didn’t know it was his father? Oedipus himself chose to get angry, chose to retaliate against the man, and chose to kill him. “He more than paid for it
I killed him. I killed them all.” (pg. 241) By killing Laius, had Oedipus not chose to start the walk down the prophesized path?

Oedipus was told he would marry his mother and have children that would become his siblings, knowing that he still decided to marry without even giving a second thought about it. This was another decision that Oedipus had, to either continue down the road to his destruction following the prophecy, or to reject marrying the

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