Oedipus Report
Essay title: Oedipus Report
In Oedipus rex there were a lot of people to blame that contributed to the fate of Oedipus.Not only were there a lot of people to blame, but there were factors and events that probably couldn’t be avoided. The tragedy also could’ve been prevented if Oedipus would’ve chosen different actions. Oedipus was ignorant in many ways to see the truth from the start of his legacy that had overcome thebes.

King Lauis and Jocosta could have killed the child themselves if they had wanted to, which in a way contributed to the fate of themselves personally. The shepherd had taken the baby and took it to the other servant when he knew in his head that the baby might grow-up someday and want to know who his parents were.

The drunken fool told Oedipus that his father and mother was not his father and mother which caused him to go searching everywhere to figure out his origin and where he came from. Oedipus had then traveled to the city of thebes, but on the way had encountered a band of noblemen. The drunken fool was to blame because of him bringing it up in the first place. That’s the first thing that started his whole entire quest.

As he got farther into his quest. He had encountered King Laius in which he attacked. Not only did he have an omen over him, he shouldn’t have been killing anyone in

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