Odysseus Case
What is a hero? What are the qualities that make a hero? A hero, no matter what story you read, is always the great warrior of the story. They have skills that no others can match and they rise to the occasion. They look danger in the eye and charge head first into it because not only are they brave but selfless, they are made for the better of humanity. Being a hero is not only about fighting; heroes are suave and know how to get their way with people. When speaking of heroes one thinks of Odysseus, a Greek hero. Odysseus was not only a great warrior in battle, he also got along well with people, earning their trust with his charm. However Odysseus was not all charm, he also had the brains to make educated decisions.

Odysseus was a vicious warrior in battle. In the Trojan War when Achilles, the deadliest warrior was killed, there was a debate over who would get to keep his armor. His armor was made by the Gods and sparkled like a star in the night sky. To wear the armor in battle would be a great honor. An honor like this could only be presented to a brave, vicious warrior, thus it was decided that it be Odysseus. Furthermore, on their journey back home Odysseus and his men encountered a Cyclops, a great large and ferocious creature. Yet it was no match for Odysseus’ wit. Every night the beast would devour two of Odysseus’ men. Odysseus hatched a plan for his men and him to escape. They sharpened the trunk of a tree and then got Polyphemos, the Cyclops drunk. Once he had fallen asleep Odysseus and his men daggered the sharp point of the tree deep into the eye of the Cyclops. Odysseus conquered the one eyed giant with his strength and intelligence, qualities which every hero should have. Odysseus was a great warrior; he fought bravely in the Trojan War and overpowered a Cyclopes, missions only a hero would be able to do. Along with his strength Odysseus knew his way with people, getting help in his time of need.

Heroes are typically very charming people all around. Odysseus being the great hero he not only charmed people but the Gods as well, convincing them to help him in his time of need. On the trip back home Odysseus and his men stopped at island of Aeaea, hoping to find food and water. Twenty-three went in search, and Circe, an immortal sorceress, lured them in to her house and persuaded them into drinking a potion which turned them into swine’s. On his way to save them he encountered the God Hermes. Odysseus knowing he could not save them on his own, he talked Hermes into helping him. Hermes gave him a magical plant that prevented Circe from using her spells on him, so he could save his

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