Odd Project
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Odd Project
Odd Project, hailing from Orange County, California, home too many big name artists as No Doubt and Avenged Sevenfold, is a band that embodies the best of the O.C. hardcore scene. Odd Project, which consists of Matt Lamb Ð- vocals, Scott Zschomler Ð- lead guitar and vocals, Eric Cline Ð- bass guitar and backup vocals, Greg Pawloski Ð- guitar, and Christian Escobar Ð- drums, describes itself as delicious cocktail of life in the fast lane, late nights at the opera, a well orchestrated jewelry heist and a perfectly aged glass of scotch; and nothing can be further from the truth. Odd Project creates music that both inspires and makes you want to create havoc on the dance floor. Though relatively young in their inception, Odd Project, to date, has experienced a tremendous amount of success that no other bands has.

Musically, Odd Project stands out from other hardcore bands. Their music attempts to blend a punch in your face sound, with uplifting melodies to create an aggressive, yet emotional feel to the listener. “The Phone is Such a Blunt Object,” from their debut L.P. The Second Hand Stopped, showcases a few of their diverse influences and styles which Odd Project has in their arsenal. With the blistering, angst screaming right from the start, the emotionally driven melodic singing, the metal crushing riffs and the southern rock breakdown, these guys prove that there is nothing typical to their take on hardcore. And, on a softer note, tracks like “The Wanderer” and “Love” express the complete opposite, with an orchestral feel and guitar work similar to all the classics, it is no surprise why Odd Project has experienced so much success from their garage days in the year 2000.

Moreover, aside from their musical talents, lyrically, Odd Project compounds lyrics that are heavy in meaning and arouse a feeling of omnipotence nurtured by malevolence to the listener. “Silver Screen Lovers,” on the subject of love and the betrayal associated with it, refers to it as a “desperate and time consuming filthy habit, where for every word left unsaid, lies a thousand empty thoughts.” Leading the listener to reflect upon past relationships, where one might have thought one was experiencing love, but in fact, was far from it, as “Statistics Like Cigarettes” puts it: “we lost ourselves in these bright lights and cigarettes. We became our charade. A classic primetime tragedy.” No other song best displays Odd Projects ability to arouse a feeling of despair, which is what the hardcore scene is widely known for providing todays youth, as “The Phone is Such a Blunt Object”: “Ive taken all

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