Ocean Plastic Pollution: A Global Tragedy for Our Oceans and Sea Life
Essay Preview: Ocean Plastic Pollution: A Global Tragedy for Our Oceans and Sea Life
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“Ocean Plastic Pollution: A Global Tragedy for Our Oceans and Sea Life.” Biological Diversity.
Center for Biological Diversity, n.d. Web. 19 Oct. 2016.
According to this website, in just the Los Angeles area alone, there is 10 metric tons of plastic waste like grocery bags, plastic bottles, etc. When the plastic is looked at like a whole all over the world, it covers about 40% of the worlds oceans surfaces. Also, according to the EPA, “every piece of plastic ever made still exists,” and that is scary to think about.

This website also shares information regarding how plastic takes a toll on marine life. The website suggest that fish alone ingest 12,000-24,000 tons of plastic fragments each year, which make its way into the food we eat. Also according to a study, a quarter of fish at markets in California contained plastic. Along with fish, the website also talks about how sea birds and sea turtles mistake garbage for food, and will actually bring it back to their young to consume. This website feels strongly about making a difference and provides simple solutions and non arguable facts about plastic and plastic waste.

Baulch, Sarah. “The Shocking Impacts of Ocean Pollution.” EIA Environmental Investigation
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According to this website, in just one week of collecting discarded water bottles, we could take those bottles and wrap them around the earth five times. This website takes a look at the true environmental costs of plastic in the ocean, and talks a little more about the effects on larger marine mammals, versus fish and corals. It shares a stunning fact that of the total number of dolphins that wash up on the shore, over 70% have been found to have plastic in their system. Also, the website talks about one famous story of a sperm whale that washed up on the Mediterranean coast contained 8.1 kg (17.8 pounds) of plastic debris in its gut.

One great thing about this website is the video that is included called “Midway: Message From the Gyre.” This short three minute snippet sheds light on to the growing problem of albatross young dying because of the adults accidentally bringing back plastic debris, mistaking them for food.

Rinkesh. “Causes and Effects of Ocean Pollution.” Conserve Energy Future. Conserve Energy
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This website is a little different from the previous ones being that it talks less about the effects on marine mammals health, and talks more about what exactly is ocean pollution and the causes of ocean pollution. It does also talk about the effects of ocean pollution, but it focuses more on topics like reproduction, coral reef disruptions, how plastic depletes the oxygen in the ocean, and how plastic is effecting the food chain. For example, the website sheds light onto how chemicals and plastics that we use every day are released into the ocean, eventually sink to the bottom, and are consumed by the bottom dwellers. Eventually, those bottom dwellers will be consumed by larger predators, thus affecting the whole food chain.

The one fact I found fascinating, since no website has talked about it thus far, is the fact that plastic in the ocean depletes the oxygen content. According to the website, this occurs because the plastic debris breaks down every so slowly (hardly at all) and remains in the ocean for many many years. As plastic and other debris try to break down, it uses oxygen, therefore the oxygen levels go down, effecting ocean life.

Gruber, Karl. “Plastic in the Food Chain: Artificial Debris Found in Fish.” New Scientist. New

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