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remade to fit todays world. Even though The Odyssey and O Brother Where Art Thou?, have to different titles they easily could have been renamed to fit the other ones title because they both are just alike as well as different. I personally think that the author of O Brother Where Art Thou?, was inspired by The Odyssey because a lot of the characters where the same. It would be hard to put the setting of the Odyssey on a video because of all the lands it has in it, but O Brother Where Art Thou?, has a great setting and probably the right one needed to tell the whole story. These two great stories have very many similarities as well as differences, but they are still outstanding stories.

There are many comparison between these two stories that are amazingly alike. For instance, when Odysseus and his men come upon many ghost from Odyssuss past when they arrive at Hades; likewise in the film the boys meet a fellow inmate from the jail who they thought was died long long ago. Another comparison is both Oddysseus and Ulysses have to leave their wives when they go on there journey, but when they come home they both have to prove to there wives that it is really and truly them. In order for Ulyssess wife to believe him he had to find the ring that they once had when they were married and Odysseus states that there are tokens of there true love, which back then meant that there was also a ring. Ulysses is also a quick learner, like Odysseus he is a great leader, he manages to get his friends a pardon from the governor, and all ends happily, just as it does in The Odyssey. Also, the name Ulysses is Roman for the main character in the Odysses named Odysseus. Ulyssess wifes name is Penny which is short for Penelope which is Odysseuss wifes name.

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