Baby Abandonment
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In the world, there are numerous young women facing with a problem of unwanted
pregnancies. Also, there are some parents who are very poor and some mothers who are
psychologically wrong having a baby. What do they do their babies? All these cases are leading
to baby abandonment and resulting in babies as victims. For this problem, there are three
commonly proposed solutions.
The first problem is that young women who are living together with their partners
having unwanted pregnancies and it could be solved by parents, guardians and also government
. Many teenagers live together with their partners and they become pregnant unhopefully. But
their ages are very young to be a mother and to bring up a child. So, they finally decide to
abandon their babies. This is because of their parents and guardians who give them a lot of
freedom. Thus, parents and guardians should take care of their children and should not leave
them alone. They always pay attention to what their children do and where they go. They should
lead them a good way by explaining what is wrong and right. Also, the government should make
strict rules to people who abandon their babies according to the law. They should educate people
and should punish seriously if they abuse and abandon their babies who are victims.
The second problem is parents who are very poor to bring up a child and it could be
solved by the government. There are numerous parents who cannot afford to bring up a child and
they decide to abandon their baby. The mother requests the passer-by or street vendor to
supervise the baby for a few minutes on the pretext of buying something from the nearby shop or
answering to the call of nature, and would never return to take back the baby. At times, the child
is left abandoned, becomes homeless and needs to face the struggle life. So, the governments
should educate them about prevention from getting pregnancy. As they are poor and cannot
support a childs life, they better do not have a pregnancy and should prevent from it. The
government should educate them how to prevent a pregnancy

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