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Save Our Environment
Essay Preview: Save Our Environment
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Nowadays, one of the controversial issues is pollution. Some people take this issue into consideration whereas some people dont regard this issue as an important. We should care for the environment because its our real home. We live in it and we dont want a nasty living of trash everywhere with stenches, also animals can die from our trashes such in beaches, and they can get stuck in the can plastics. There are numerous steps that should be taken in order to protect our environment such as the air, water, plant life and wild life. We should take precautions against things that cause huge pollution and making people become conscious of how significant obstructing pollution is.

Firstly, for us to protect our world, we should take care of our air. Air is the most important parts of our life as it give us chances to breathe. Air pollution is not only harms people but also harms other creatures like plant and animals. To defend these creatures from pollution, people should behave consciously. Firstly, as a consequence of air pollution, numerous problems can occur such as pouring acid rain and emerging expanding holes in the ozone layer. Because of these reasons, this problem can cause unpredictable results. Subsequently, in order to prevent air pollution, unarguably the most important step that should be taken is to make people be aware of the fact that how remarkable preventing air pollution is.

Secondly, we should protect our water from polluted. There are many types of water ecosystems such as oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds which provide homes to many different organisms. There are overwhelming factors that contribute to the problems of water pollution such as sewage, radioactive wastes, improper disposal of trash on land, and careless beachgoers. The first few causes of water pollution include sewage and nutrients from fertilizers being dumped into water. This causes a problem for all the organisms because the nutrients cause the algae and water plants to grow to abnormally large sizes. This can eventually block waterways. As the wastes decompose it uses up oxygen and blocks the flow of water in natural rivers and streams. Also, as these nutrients decompose in the water, they use up oxygen which can harm all the organisms living in the environment. A solution for this problem would be to test the water quality testing to see exactly how much oxygen is in the water to find out where the major problems areas are, then not dump any more wastes in water with low amounts of oxygen.

Next, we also have plant life to be protected. Based on Wikipedia, plant life is a wild plant conservation charity which include all the plant kingdom such as species of mosses, liverworts, ferns, herbaceous and woody plants, bushes, vines, trees, and various other forms that mantle the earth and are also found in its waters. The step that should be taken is organic garden. This is because organic farming seeks to avoid the use

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