Why Complain?
Essay title: Why Complain?
People complain for many reasons, possibly because they feel as if they have been wronged in some way. Well, what exactly do they get out of complaining anyway? They rarely fix the problem at hand. Sometimes it can even be infuriating. But maybe, just maybe, it could instill in them a sense of well being and peace of mind that is desperately needed in order to face the dilemma. Thus, some events call for the use of voice, some louder than others, such as getting an order wrong, complaining about the government, or standing up for one’s self.

It is often hard for one to discern if and when they should make a complaint. Every issue is on a different level of importance, so it is best to complain about trivial matters with good judgment. For example, ordering a coke but receiving Dr. Pepper instead. It may not be a big deal compared to receiving a lower grade on a test than you deserved. So it is okay to take the Dr. Pepper, if it is tolerable. However, those people who don’t say anything are the ones who will find it even more difficult to talk to a teacher about their grades. In turn aiding in the creation of a weaker, more defenseless society.

Whether trivial or not, people are confronted with annoyances daily. Recently, after Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, it has become alarmingly clear that the U. S. government is not meeting standards. FEMA, a program established to aide in times of disaster, failed to fulfill it’s duties. Many in the affected areas did not receive the sufficient amount of funding that was promised to them. The numerous critiques that began to arise were reasonably just because people had every right to be upset. Some were left without homes and jobs and it was quite a while before they received help, if any was provided at all. That particular problem

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