General Situation
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General Situation
Recently, Pyongyang has been issuing threats against the United States and South Korea and sometimes, United States military forces in the Pacific. In the boldest talk, the Kim regimes leader, Kim Jong Un said his military could carry out nuclear-tipped missile against the United States. They have been carried out three nuclear tests, the lastest in February 2013 and by few days ago, the North government had been prepared for the fourth that was eventually put on hold because of “problem with Windows 8”, Norths official news agency announced.

The Norths actions are like in the past patterns of behaviors what have been repeated from year to year, but now, they have been more dangerous and unafraid than ever.

What causes their ratching up threats? There are some reasons analysed by analysts, both from inside and outside the North.
Internal motivations
Internally, the Pyongyangs unafraid speeches and actions can steemed from inside, including the Kim familys fear of losing control over the country and their need in aids, international assistances to lessen the pervasion of poverty and hunger.

The North says it has been angered by joint US-South Korean military exercises and has to draw defensive measures. Highlighting a threat from abroad and then issuing retaliations to enemies is a historically favorite tool the North Korean government uses to ensure internal cohesion and establish their control. The Norths under-standard lives are continuing being destroyed by poverty, long-lasting hunger and devastating famine, all these factors may become threats to the leader position of the current government, in general and especially, to the Kim family.

Consider the second reason, many analysts believe that the Kim government is again seeking aid and concessions by the often-used threats like in the past. North Korea is overcoming a continuing pervasive hunger and poverty on a broader scale. In the past, United States administrations and South Korean governments managed to avoid war threats from North Korea by concession packs, not only one time, in exchange its promising to stop nuclear program. For example, in early 1990s, Pyongyang backed away from a nuclear campaign in return of a 5$ million pack in fuel ad two nuclear reactors. Or in 2006, the second-generation Kim Il Sung terrified the world with a nuclear weapon test, but one year later, agreed to ratched it back in order to get aids and political concessions. The problem is that whenever they are in need, they announce a war warning, and after getting what they want, they betray and dismiss all promises.

External Factors
However, it might be impossible for Pyongyang doing such things without external sources. They includes: the either hidden or explicit supports of Chinese government, the primary “peace objective” of Seoul and concessions of United States. After the collapse of Soviet Union, the only North Koreas allie and supporter is China. They do not only provide the North with money, foods and fuel, military supports but also help the North government in drawing political policies. Chines government, the Kim familys friend, has been in a long-lasting fear that a collapse of the Kim monarchy could lead to a unified Korea that would definitely be an allien of the U.S.A – the Chinas largest competitor. China helped United Nations writing and did vot for the most recent round to impose sanctions upon the North, but over three years ago, whenever Pyongyang announced any threats, China was always in silence and did not take any action. After the lastest threat of nuclear war from Kim Jong Un, China, the Norths only ally, although might be frustrated but still disagrees with stopping supporting Pyongyang fuel.

Other possible causes for the increasing threatening from the North are Washingtons

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