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Teen Troubles: HRE1O1-04
Are the “Blahs” normal feelings? Explain.
Answer: The “Blahs” are common feelings and they commonly occur when the mind requires excitement or some sort of stimulation of the brain. Nothing is majorly wrong, yet this till a concern since it is common to have the “Blahs,” but if it is serious and they continue to affect ones life then he/she may want to “jazz of some part of their life.” Best thing to during the “blahs” is to do something which you havent adapted to; do something which you are curious about.

How can one tell “blahs” are leading to depression?
One can distinctively identify if “blahs” lead to depression when these periods of “blah” are prolonged and stay for an extended period of time. A consistent experience and very severe experience of the “blahs” is another way to identify if they are leading to depression.

How long before you should expect feelings of sadness to go away?
Feelings of sadness are inevitable and they have a beginning, a middle and an end; consequently, these feelings are not permanent. The sooner you let yourself feel this emotion the better and the quicker you can recover; however, the time required for these feelings to go away depends on the situation. For example, the loss of someone may take months or years where as a sad movie seen should take a couple of hours.

Why are teenagers often not aware of their feelings?
They are not aware because they are just getting started on a process which takes time in order become familiar with: noticing feelings and identifying them properly. While one is kid feelings are easy to identify for the mind is very simple, but during adolescence one begins to discover the complexity of life, and draw your attention towards trying to make sense of everything. Lastly, during the ages of eighteen or sixteen, ones attention shifts back inside to their feelings.

List the 14 symptoms of depression.
You dont like yourself
You put yourself down constantly
You feel helpless to change your life
Your future looks bleak for you
Your sleeping patterns have changed. You have a hard time going to sleep or you wake up during the night.
Either you dont feel like eating or you over eat
You feel nervous several hours a day
You cant concentrate when you want to
You cant make decisions, even little ones
You feel tired all the time and you want to sleep all

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