Lars and the Real Girl
Essay Preview: Lars and the Real Girl
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Lars and the Real Girl
The three formative events that shaped Lar’s sense of self in his early development are his mother died at birth, his dad getting depressed because of it leading him to his death, and finally his brother running away from him. His mother died at birth and that made it unable for a mother figure to be there and raise him. His father got depressed and raised the kids with however he could and how he was able to handle it. Well, his brother obviously could not get a sense of how to help out and he got scared. It is not entirely everyone’s fault but these three thigs shaped him into becoming completely astranged from the world.

The three nonverbal communicator characteristics of Lars that changed when Bianca arrived was he was able to smile to people, he ate at his brother’s house, and also he was getting ready carefully. Also Lars was capable of touching people back like shaking other people’s hands.

The reason why the whole town was willing to help out Lars because he was a good person. Deep inside everybody knew that Lars did not get the sex doll for sex. The people from the town wanted to help him feel and have the ability to act around other people. Basically raise him and teach him how to live. If they were not helping him then it would only affect him. It would make it harder for him to face reality and get help from others.

Lars grew without any affection from anyone. No one was around to help him be raised and help him to catch more for reality. A reason Lars felt physical pain was because his father was depressed since the passing of his wife, Lars mother. He was never able to receive that fatherly love when he did something good or bad. His older brother also decided to run away from home, leaving Lars with no way to mentally or physically connect with the people around him. Which all eventually changed when Bianca was introduced through the works of Lars mind to cope with the absence of emotions throughout his life.

Bianca was a fictional character Lars made up in his mind to deal with the emptiness of emotion he felt for the people around him. Lars needed her to feel more human to adapt and relate to society. Lars always felt like and outsider and the creation of Bianca helped him fill the void of loneliness he had experienced his whole life. The passing of Bianca was something that needed to happen once Lars was finally able to physically and emotionally connect with someone real and not just made up in his mind to deal with it all.

The “real girl” who finally helped Lars feel the emotions that make us human was Margo, a co-worker of Lars. Their relationship started off really simple Lars wouldn’t even look at her let alone talk to her about anything. Through the creation of Bianca Lars was slowly able to have conversations with those around him including her. Margo and Lars started as friends but eventually it led to

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