Edinburg Festival and Non-Profit Organization – Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths     Cultural component of Edinburg Festival and Non-profit organizationAs a well-known cultural activity of Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, Musique By The Beach is a non-profit organization. Opportunities to the talentsIt aims to provide a platform to most of performers who have talents on performance. Two experienced employeesThis company has two experienced employees who are attracted by this work and both of them have skill on controlling costs. Several mediums of advertisementThe production and volunteer’s co-ordinators involvedThe production and volunteers co-ordinators help the organization to get the materials and human resources in every year. Experience accumulation The event had held by Musique By the Beach in the past 15 years, therefore this organization has experience on conducting a event.  Using lots of ways to advertise.For instance,brochures, local radio, newspapers, TV coverages and regional magazines.                  WeaknessesThe issue of cash short fall It is the fourth year that Musique By The Beach is suffering from the shortage of cash.Weak fundraising and marketing committee Due to lack of team spirits and strong fundraising strategy, the fund raising committee can not obtain more funds from government and corporate sponsors to solve the cost increased. The same as fundraising committee marketing committee is facing with attracting and retaining qualified volunteers.Only two full time employees There are only two full time employees in this organization and the rest of 15 members are volunteers. Depending largely on government fundingImportantly, the source of fund and the success of this event seriously depend on sponsors.  Poor cooperation between marketingand fundraising committeeOutdate and inactive website Lack of funding strategies Problem with selling tickets online andwithout a system for controlling ticketsLots of tickets will distribute to the sponsor, however, organization has not a system to record the attendance. Opportunities1. Participants increasingly (Audiences and talents)More and more people nowadays would like to participate in such activities, especially desiring to have a lifestyle experience through this event. Also,There are many talents exist in Scoland.2. Less competitors in that region In this industry, Musique By The Beach possesses relatively competitive advantage because less type of events can be chosen and famous in Northern England. 3. Opportunity to handle financial deficitThis organization may handle financial deficit by searching sponsor. 4. Formulating a strong strategyOrganization can produce a strong strategy for employment and volunteer decisions related to the management and retention of employees. Creating more ways to advertise andgain more profitThe organization intends to develop relationship with bus tours and sale tickets to the tourist for gain more profit.Website rebuilt and updated and formulate a system to controlling tickets.Website can be used for improving the public awareness. Therefore, the ticket should be purchased online and more detail about this event should be put forward in website.  Increase employment of full time workers. Market target is the entire Scottish communityThreatsUncertainty of eventOnly the success of each year’s event can attain the commitments from sponsors and short term volunteers, therefore it will lead to the uncertainty of event in this year. The significance of event is ignoredThe significance of event for the community have not mentioned by city councillor, which will indirect influence the goals of organization, such as reputation enhanced and economically accessible. Relying so much on government and sponsor’s supportsThis organization deeply has to depend on the government and sponsor’s supports for reducing its over costs. Sale of memorable and souvenir is unprofitableLots of memorabilia can be purchasing online, but the total profits are less than expectation. Therefore, the cost of producing these memorabilia should be considerable.Climatic conditionsThey have to consider the climatic condition and change the stage flexibly. Different stage has its own capacity of people.Uncertainty of volunteer’s commitment.Short-term employment contracts.Too much complimentary ticketIntellectual property/kickbacks.Professional disloyalty.Growing number of music events.

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