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The NJROTC, or Naval Junior Recruit Officer Training Corpse, is built not only to teach high school students about the navy but also allows student to become our great leaders of the future. In NJROTC cadets are asked to live up to very high standards because those students in NJROTC are thought of as the best of the best and are at that school to represent the military way of life. In this program I have learned three traits that will help me better myself not only in the future but in the day I live today. These traits that I speak of are discipline, punctuality, and respect. If not for NJROTC I would have not been as great a person and would have little or no direction in my life.

One of the most important things that most cadets learn in NJROTC is to be well disciplined. Without the discipline instilled in every cadet, there would be total chaos and anarchy. Discipline helps us to march, to be able to sit down and do our homework when it needs to be done, and to keep our mouths shut when someone else has the floor. Because of the two years that I have completed of NJROTC, I have developed discipline because the instructors and the other cadets have pounded it into my brain like a square block going into a round hole, but this time it got through. In the future I will need discipline to not only get a job but also keep it. If, in the future, I do not have the discipline to stay with a single job, my life will never amount to anything. Even though discipline is a large subject, the first thing about being disciplined is being punctual.

Punctuality is another thing that I have learned in NJROTC, but with much hard work did I learn this. We all know that we slip up sometimes and slag around from class to class. Because of this we make ourselves late sometimes, and no one wants to get a tardy, so our instructors offer a healthy alternative. If you are late to class then you have the option of doing push-ups or getting a tardy, now witch would you rather do? Not only does this punishment instill punctuality, but if you are hard headed you can build up incredible upper body strength. Being punctual to a job will allow me to keep it and also impress my bosses. This type of punishment is physical one but doesnt not harm the cadet, and it makes each cadet want to be punctual, so that they wont have to endure the unnecessary P.T. Disciplining cadets like this from day one encourages the cadet to develop a degree of respect for the

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