Why Is Epistemology Important?
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Nick Johnson6/13/16PhilosophyPart 3Q1 p173:        Epistemology is a word that was used first by Scottish philosopher James Frederick Ferrier. Epistemology is a word used to describe the branch of philosophy concerned with the theory of knowledge. Makes us wonder the truth between fake and reality, makes us ask questions, and seek truth if the truth is unknown. It examines the nature of knowledge and how someone can acquire it in everyday life. It focuses of the means of for acquiring knowledge and how we can differentiate between truth and falsehood. Modern day epistemology usually is a debate between rationalism and empiricism. Empiricism is knowledge obtained through experience, and rationalism is knowledge that is acquired through the use of reason. Why is Epistemology important?         It is the fundamentals of how we think in our brain. Without understand the means of how we take in knowledge, how we rely on our senses, and how we develop concepts in our minds, we would have no coherent path for our thinking process.         Some questions that are frequently asked of epistemology are;What can we know, and how we can know it? Finding evidence that shows the hard facts of the topic of discussion.How do we know some things but not others? How can we know so much about our past, but nothing in future because the future is not guaranteed.

How do we acquire knowledge, truth and falsehood? By giving facts and supporting details to a reason. Can knowledge be certain? Yes, if proved and supported with details.How do we differ from truth and falsehood? Supporting evidence and facts that show something to be true or false.Why do we believe certain claims but not others? Some are already have or can be proven, some are not. Like aliens or ghost. Some people believe in them with no facts. Q1 p215“No one is so wrong as the man who knows all the answers.” I personally do not agree with this statement. Nobody knows all of the answers to anything first of all. But, if I asked a teacher a question on math, and she teaches that particular math, I would hope she knows the answer to that. But if I asked her a question on philosophy or science, I am assuming she would not know anything I am talk about. Nobody knows all the answers except the main upstairs, and we do not have direct contact with him for these questions for answers that we seek. But that do0es not mean if I ask the math teacher a question about math, she will not know every answer because there are different ways and types of math.

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