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Functions of Management Paper
Management is creative problem solving. This creative problem solving is accomplished through four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The intended result is the use of an organizations resources in a way that accomplishes its mission and objectives. (Higgins, page 7) There are four components that make up management and they are planning, organizing, and directing, and lastly is controlling. Each of these functions involves creative problem solving. (Higgins, page 118) Creative problem solving is broader than problem finding, choice making or decision making. It extends from analysis of the environment within which the business is functioning to evaluation of the outcomes from the alternative implemented. As you read I will discuss how management operates through various functions, often classified as planning, organizing, leading/motivating and controlling.

The first part is planning and with planning it’s the ongoing process of developing the business’ mission and vision and also the objectives and to determine how they will be accomplished. Planning is deciding what needs to happen in the future (today, next week, next month, next year, over the next five years, etc.) and generating plans for action. There are three steps to good planning and they are, which goals should be pursued?, how shouls the goal be attained?, and last, how should resources be allocated? This function is designed to determine how effective and efficient the organization is and determines the strategy of the organization. These is a critical part of management because most business are setting goals to turn a profit and if they don’t plan it just right they may fail as a business. In my organization they are always planning for the future. I work for the government so, we serve the public and the organization is always trying to set long term goals to better serve the public.

The next part is the organizing and with this it establishes the internal organizational structure of the organization. The focus is on division, coordination, and the control of tasks and the flow of information within the organization. This will help managers distribute authority to job holders. Organizing is also making optimum use of the resources required to enable the successful carrying out of plans. An organizational structure is the outcome of organizing. This structure coordinates and motivates employees so that they work toether to achieve the organizations goals. Within my organization, we are very structured within our workplace. We have guideline to follow and it makes our jobs a little easier and managable.

Then comes directing and with directing it influences peoples’ behavior through motivation, communication,

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