Mayan and Aztec Mythology
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Mayan and Aztec Mythology
The Origin of the Sun and the Moon
This book is called Mayan and Aztec Mythology. Written by Michael A. Schuman. I choose to write my report about this myth because it was the most interesting. I find Mayan and Aztec mythology to be the most grotesque myths I have ever read.

This myth was about two boys by the name of Hunahpu and Vucub. They were twin brothers who loved to play pohatok. Pohatok is game the Mayans played on a court. The objective was to get a ball, made of clay, through a hoop. It is considered to be ancient basketball. A huge difference is the consequence for a losing team was death. Hunahpu and Vucub were actually the best at the game and often played one another because there wasnt anyone else who were any competition.

One day, the lords of death challenged the boys to a game of pohatok. They would play in the underworld or Xibalba. The boys mother begged them not to go, but they disobeyed. When they reached the underworld, they had to cross a river of spikes, blood, and pus. After they succeeded crossing the disgusting rivers, they went through a series of test. The twins were supposed to keep a cigar and two torches lit all night, but there was not enough fuel to keep anything lit. They were unable to complete the task to which they were assigned, so the twins

were sentenced by the Lords of Death to be murdered. The next day, the lords cut off the twins heads and stuck them on an old tree as a trophy.
All of a sudden, the tree began to grow fruit from its branches. A young, women named Xquic came

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