The Lost Island Of Miracles
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It is the year 3080 and this is the place that cost the lives of 2 brave young men. You got it! This is “The Island of Miracles,” where so far no miracle took place. The names of the 2 young men who died are Kevin and James and lets not forget their partner, Marik, who lived. But, the problem that mostly disturbs the scientists is why havent there been any miracles in this island yet. I think we should go back to the past and see what took our 3 heroes to find this place, and lets also try to figure out why havent there been any miracles in the island so far. So let me tell you the story.

It was 80 years ago, in a small town called “The Inventors Paradise,” where most of the scientists lived. But, so far there wasnt any new discovery. In fact, the most recent discover was 1 century and 3 years ago, or more precisely 103 years ago, a scientist named Murtaza. But, as in one side of the city, scientists used to do experiments and inventions, on the other side of the city something strange was going on. Another scientist named Dr. James made a discovery that somewhere in the middle of the Old Pacific Ocean, is an island named “The Island of Miracles.” He also got some information that, since the 22nd century people were trying to be the first one to claim the land, but they always failed. They said some weird creatures lived there, and there were some dangerous traps which activated themselves automatically. They were able to prove that because there was no human living there. Nobody lived there. Well, James took the challenge, and decided to head out and conquer the island, for his town.

After weeks of research to try and get more information about the island, James realized that he had to begin on his journey as fast as possible. So, the next day he called Marik and Kevin and told them that they had a project in their hands and for further information on the project theyd have to meet him at the “Museum of The Most Memorable Crimes” at 10 am sharp.

Marik used to work as an explorer for the army, but right now he just used to show tourists around the town. Even though this was his job, he was ready to explore any place you ask him to at any time. Kevin used to be a navy sailor, but right now most of the time he was out catching fish or traveling with tourists around in the sea. It was a long time since both of them had a big project to handle. But, this wait was over now.

The next day, it was raining hard, so they werent able to meet at “The Museum of The Most Memorable Crimes”, as the road that led that way was flooded. So, in the morning, James called and told them to meet him at his lab. He gave him his address:

6908 Crying Street West,
The Inventors Paradise,
Salmania, Asiminisma.
They reached to his lab about 1 hour later, and they knew that they were behind schedule. Dr. James explained them that, their mission was not an easy one. In the past years, many people tried to conquer the island, but it didnt work, all of them failed. We have to think of a way to conquer the island, or our faith will also be like the faith of the people who died their. He explained that, as the island was in the middle of the Old Pacific Ocean, they had to be careful, as on their way there, they will find many traps. He also said that, we have to begin our mission somewhere around next month, and in this time we have to build and gather all of our requirements. I have a list of things we need:

1 land sea rover
10 razor shooters
5 torpedoes
2 invisible shooters
6 missile proof jackets
6 pairs of land air shoes
3 pairs of Walkie Talkies
Some other supplies like food, water, flash light, etc.
“If we acquire those weapons and vehicle, we will be ready to start our mission,” he said, “But, still, we have only 25% chance of achieving success on our mission so we have to take our chances. It will be an impossible mission, but, we have to try our best.” “We are starting our training from tomorrow, so, everyone, you have to be at the military campaign at 5:30 am sharp. We have to be ready for anything during this mission. Anything Is Possible!!!” he ended.

The month passed by fast, and it was almost the time for our heroes to depart on their mission. They had their final meeting at “The Museum of The Most Memorable Crimes.” When everyone reached there, the conference began.

“Hello gentlemen,” James said.
“Hello,” the rest said.
“We all know that we will be departing tomorrow,” James exclaimed, “but, the reason I have called you here is to ask that if anyone wants to leave the mission, they are free to do that.” “There will be no coming back from the mission, until we accomplish it, after we leave,” he demanded. “So, make your choice because it may be your last.”

“….,” no answer was received.
“It looks like, everyone wants to go on the mission,” James said. “Very well then, we will be departing tomorrow at 8 am sharp, so be there.” “Thank you for coming gentlemen, see you tomorrow” he ended.

The next morning the whole town gathered at the sea shore to give their heroes good luck prayers, and well wishes.
“It is over, no more looking back, what we have is all we have, you have made your decision, I agreed with your decision, now we have to accomplish the mission at any cost,” he said firmly.

They were off the shore, on their way to accomplish the mission. Everyone knew, this might be their last mission, they might not see them again, but they had faith in them. Our heroes also knew that they might meet their death at any step of the way, but with good hopes, and the prayers of the town with them, they werent ready to give up. They had fear, but they also had the will to fight with their fear. Yes, this is when the real action started.

Our heroes were well settled and on their way, and according to James calculations, they were approaching their target

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