Issac Newton
Issac Newton
Isaac Newton is widely known for his immense discoveries in the flied of science hundreds of years ago. In my opinion; most of Newton’s discoveries were based upon the findings made by scientists in the past. For before Isaac Newton came the scientists: Copernicus, Descartes, Galileo, Mercator etc. All of these scientists made discovers in the flied of science that contributed to Newton’s discoveries. At the same time some of Newton’s discoveries were actually scientific break-troughs of his own. Take Newton’s discovery of “The Laws of Motion” for example.

It is a very heard-of legend that Newton discovered the laws of gravity from seeing an apple falling from a tree. Then from that point Newton learned about motion. Instead Kepler’s Law’s of orbital motion that explains how planets revolve around the sun lead to the discovery of Newton’s “Three Laws of Motion”. For if it wasn’t for Kepler’s as well as Copernicus’s discoveries, Newton would have never learned about gravity. Also Newton used certain instruments that scientists from the past built; without them Newton couldn’t have made his discoveries as well.

As everyone knows; the Galileo invented the telescope in the year 1601 to view planets. This instrument enabled Newton to view the sky and record his findings. With the telescope Newton discovered how planets orbit [which lead to his discovery of motion], the moons of Jupiter, sunspots, and that the universes is made of stars. Newton also invented a reflecting telescope to use in his later studies. All of these discoveries were made possible simply because of Galileo’s invention of the telescope. Even thou these discoveries were made based of what was

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