Real World Case Studies of Brain Injury – Isidro Mejias
Essay Preview: Real World Case Studies of Brain Injury – Isidro Mejias
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Real World Case Studies of Brain Injury
Isidro Mejias was injured on the job while completing a home project. According to the news reports on this individual, he was on top of unfinished home when he fell from the roof. During the fall he landed on a coworker who was using a nail gun. In the fall the nail gun went off and the end result was Mr. Mejias had six nails driven into his skull, face and neck.

Mr. Mejias had to have extensive surgery to remove the entire nail from his head. According to the report there were four nails embedded into his skull, another one in the spiral column. This man had to have surgery for five days and he remained in intensive care for several days after until he woke up. The doctors were surprised he survives this accident.

Mr. Mejias family didnt have much hope in the beginning of this nightmare. He was expected to make a full recovery after he woke up. The doctors have noticed that some factors of his brain were affected by the accident. At the time of the accident and recovery process the doctors said he was walking with little assistance and speaking slowly. The reason for the speaking slowing was the brain speech areas were affected.

In this case the doctors where able to learn the affect of damage to certain areas of the brain and how these affect the daily life of the individual who suffers brain injuries. Some of the areas injured during this accident didnt impact his live and some areas of his brain were damaged during this accident that had a greater impact on him.

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