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To most people the news is the gateway to finding out what is “new” in the world today. The news is supposedly filled with facts and is definitely filled with predictions. The news tells us what is going on in local communities and tells us about the crime and what is going on in society. To me, personally, I think that the news is just entertainment that pulls in a lot of viewers and money. They are heavily influenced by commercialism.

I believe that the news is almost like a talk show but it is filled with real life stories and conflicts. It is almost like a gossip show. The news is filled with novelty stories as well as the stories and updates about the war that is getting ready to take place. Everyone wants to tune in to the news because they want to be all in the business of what is going on outside of their homes and lives.

I believe this because the news is constructed before it hits the air. It is also sometimes blown up out of proportion. Sometimes I believe that the news media will lie about something or twist some story up just to make the story on the news more interesting to get more people to watch their news. Although I think that there is a lot of garbage that goes on the news, it still informs us on what is going on in the world because there is still some truth to what they put on the air. Dont you just love the news?

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