New Zealand Act 1877 – Language and Culture
Essay Preview: New Zealand Act 1877 – Language and Culture
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New Zealand Act 1877:
New Zealand education has been going into many transformation and changes throughout the history. Many aspects that have affected the law of education in New Zealand, the history have designed the curriculum of education in New Zealand to give the chances for the population to have a better education for all people. Equality between the populations of New Zealand was the main factor that education Acts are focusing on. New Zealand in the 19th century have difficulties for all the people able to enter schools or even prefer to study, the economic situation at that time was preferring labour working instead of any administration jobs, also the reason for the people to stay away from school was the payment for school entrance fees and not many people can offer to send their children to schools. New Zealand starts to grow and become more open to the world and known around the end of 19th century, where education become much important to all the people, and because of the school fees were expensive around the year 1877 New Zealand have decide for act to make all the people able to enter schools. In this essay I will talk about 1877 Act, the history and reasoning behind it, and the effective that happen after the act, was it benefiting the population or wasnt.

History of New Zealand Education:
Before knowing about the New Zealand education Act in 1877, lets look at the history of education in New Zealand, how it was and who was able to study at that time. New Zealand economic was depending on farms and sea values, people who are from rural areas used to work at farms or sealers to hunt for fish, they used to think that labor is more important than studying, therefore children dose not attend schools and even non of their families dose. In the year 1900s children who attend schools were attending governed schools which by the provincial government, or by church schools and even private schools. At that time there was few than 15% on New Zealand population was going to secondary schools, but secondary schools at that time was not free and they used to pay to get into a secondary level school, so most of the students who attend secondary schools are the students who prefer to attend university later, as mentioned around that time 19th and 20th centuries people were needed for laboring works rather than academic qualifications and as the time the country start to grew and they started needing a qualified skills and administrators the secondary schools were expanding. Around the year 1914, New Zealand Ministry have become with a new education Act, Act 1914 was introducing that all secondary schools should be offered as a free education to all who only have passed the proficiency examination. After this act around 40% of New Zealand population has intended to attend secondary schools. The expand of secondary schools were to satisfy the need of economy, therefore there was a process of English grammar schools system and offered a traditional curriculum, the process of English grammar school system was suitable for the students who prefer to attend university later, but was not suitable for those who doesnt, and this issue still strongly influenced on our days today in secondary schools.

New Zealand Act 1877:
The process to improve New Zealand education continuing throughout the years and from time to time the Ministry of Education decide for new Acts that can help the education to be proved and the students can benefits from education. In the 19th Century schools were not free, they used to pay to get into primary or secondary schools, and only the rich people or high life people could be offered to attend schools and can qualify to attend universities therefore the people who cannot offer to get into schools used to directed to labor jobs while the people who can offer to pay for education used to enter universities and they qualify for administrating and academic jobs. In the early 1877 New Zealand Education Ministry have made a new Act to help those people who cannot offered money to attend schools, the Act was designed to provide free compulsory and secular education, and to began the standardization for reading and readers system. The education Act 1877 was established with a good quality and education for those who would like to be educated, also to reduce the secular affect on education, the education become free and compulsory for those who are aged from

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