Essay title: Divorce
Some say time heals all wounds, and I would have to agree with them in some situations. When I was eight or nine, I went through something I thought I would never get over. My parents divorced.

They had been fighting for awhile, but I never thought that they would actually separate. Then the day after New Years my mom left. I was in shock. My older brother left with her. So

it was only my dad, younger brother, and me at the house now. My mom moved into a hotel for awhile, before finding an apartment. My older brother just moved out all together, he did not

want to deal with things.
It was very tense between everyone for a long time. My parents did not actually divorce
until a year after they separated. It was a bitter dispute. They fought for every little thing they could get. The fight became very expensive, forcing my dad to move my brother and I from

our large home in suburbia to an apartment in the city. My mom also moved but she moved
further away, in fact all the way down to Texas City from Dallas (where we used to live).
Not too long after that the custody battles started. I think this was what was hardest on
my brother and me. My mom was awarded custody first, forcing my brother and me to move
after being in a new school and all for only three months. After about a year and a couple

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