People and Modern Technology
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Every single day a new type of technology is being introduced to the world. Technology has improved a lot over years, and it is a great thing these days, because it can be very helpful, especially for people with disabilities. However people are taking advantage of it. Every piece of technology that is being made requires little to no skill. All the machines are so easy to operate that anyone can do it, and that keeps us from being active, developing our brains, it is also very addicting. Why would we go to the store to get groceries if we can just order it on line and they will be delivered to our front door. Sounds easy, but maybe a little too easy!

More and more people use todays technology because it is convenient, however no one notices lack of activity among those people. No need to go pick up your newspaper in the bushes at 6am., no need to actually go to the store and by video games because you can just download them. All of the things mentioned make the technology users lazy. People need to be active in order to be healthy. Walking to the store, riding a bike instead of a car, vising a post office instead of sending an e-mail, all these things may or may not be more convenient, but they are a better alternative because it involves doing things physically. Being active means just a little more then the click of the mouse. Everyone loves the Internet. Suddenly everything just becomes so fast and easy. But easy does not necessarily mean better.

Although being active enough is a major concern when it comes to modern technology, there are more things to worry about. Todays technology can be as simple as the push of a button. Because everything is so easy, humans brain is functioning as much as it should, and that is not a good thing. People need to develop their brain by reading, thinking in order to be smart, however its nearly impossible with the kind of technology we have these days. The machines that are being built are so easy to operate that anyone can do it, even if they dont have any skills. If we look back fifty years ago, people were a lot smarter, because back then they actually had to think, and almost everyone was knowledgeable about everything, because back then that was the only way to go, technology needed was not there. However using todays technology properly and using your brain with it can accomplish many good things including building a stronger nation.

Nevertheless modern technology can be very addicting. Checking your email every five minutes, chatting

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