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Harassment Scenario Script
Scenario ScriptChantel NavyOrganizational Behavior & Management8/28/14Chantel NavyOrganizational BehaviorScenario ScriptWilbourne        Hello! I’m Chantel Navy! We’ve come up with a few different policies that are being put in place for the negative behavior and harassment. So I have a question for you guys. Have you ever been at work and were waiting for your boss to come in because you wanted to talk to them, and they go right to their office? And immediately after going to their office they shut the door? That makes it seem like they’re putting up a barrier, doesn’t it? With that being said I’ve decided to talk about our new open door policy. But first let me start by telling you what an open door policy is. An open door policy is a communication policy in which a manager, CEO, president or supervisor leaves their office door “open” to encourage openness and transparency with the employees of that company. Employees are encouraged to stop by whenever they feel the need to meet and ask questions, discuss suggestions, and address problems or concerns with management. An open door policy serves to foster a comfortable, open work environment. This policy will also help build that mutual respect between upper management and employee’s and helps get rid of any formed barriers. The open door management policy is there to sustain employee empowerment and morale, while maintaining a vital effect on improving efficiency, productivity, growth, and corporate ethical standards.

Having an open door policy has many benefits. One being that there’s no confusion whatsoever, when employees directly interact with their superiors. The more employees speak to supervisors and know what’s expected from them, the less problems there will be. Another benefit of an open door policy is that employees and management can exchange ideas and come up with an innovative solution benefitting everyone. An additional benefit of having an open door policy is, the managers will be able to put their problem solving skills to the test. Managers that have an open door policy and are constantly dealing with employee concerns, probably have better problem solving skills. An open door policy will also help build a working relationship with your coworkers. A closed door conveys that you aren’t really interested in what’s going on or the people working under you; versus having an open door policy and degenerating the feeling of formality and secrecy within the workplace. Secrecy in the workplace can negatively affect relationships between managers and employees.There’s a case going on right now where Yahoo executive Maria Zhang is being sued by female software engineer Nan Shi for coerced oral and digital sex. Zhang threatened to fire Shi on many occasions if she didn’t comply. After this was going on for a while, Shi notified Yahoo HR about the sexual harassment and the company failed to follow through with a proper investigation. Since Yahoo never followed through with the investigation, Shi was ultimately fired. If HR would’ve had a proper open door policy and did a proper investigation, Shi would probably still have her job.

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