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Phil 27 – Abortion
Phil 27 Lecture 610/12/11Gender is learned behavior and governed by dominant idea. The present is not identical to the past. Gender is invisible, most of us are not aware. In comparison to issue of abortionMedia articulate the idea that men are being pressure to conform. They are violating ethics of great man. Tensions in the family wage:Men are required to enter a world where losing their visibility.Becoming sissifiedProblem with conformityLoss of individualityStandards of being a successful breadwinner are being raised: Women are scapegoatedPresented in a way as shrews.Because of the growth of mass market5 men who would have lived died in the past, now dies because of the demands of  the women at home.Pressure on men when women wants more.Every social system has pressure: Male revolt: it invents new less restrictive ways of being a man. New meaning of masculinity.Playboy, beatsThe traditional rold oe men is base ->revolt creats new meaning as to what it means to be a man New options of living without having their manhood question.PlayboyBrilliant creation – From the offset, Playboy loves women -> sexy, seductive, single, youngHates women -> house wives, attached womenBelingered maile become the bible for them Reclaimed the indoors for sexual. Playboy is a way where men can have sex with anyone without having to take repsonisbilty, and tie into marriage or procreativty. Cut the link between having sex for fun and procreation. Sex not use for procreationDisconnects from breadwinner mentality. Message of playboy: Don’t become a slave to your wife and family.It opens up to consumer good to men. Men can spend their money on themselves rather than family.Stuff made four menMen are getting sexually excited and losing their duty to their family.Divorce is increasing over the years because if men does not feel attracted to their wife anymore, they can easily divorce.MAIN MESSAGE: You do not need to be a husband or bread winner to be a man. Beats:Message: they represented a more radical rejection of the bread winner.They reject the white collar as well as duty of male in family.Reject life long process of work, produce, and consume.Get a woman to support male.Beat represents uncivil, unwilling to do work of society, sissy, who cant live for anything but an immediate desire.A lot of what they stand for becomes mainstream. The counter culture takes up themes of beats and make it into a new cultureCulture that rejects of the world of a new way of life compared to the tradition. You don’t need to commit to any person. Beats were hated but they speak to the barbairans ( straight guys)Medical opinon,The traditional breadwinner may be sprinting to an early death.  The revels (playboy, beats) traditional breadwinner is killing himself. Psychological opinionA new psych of human growthThe fully actualize man is forever growing, experiencing new things. He has peak experiences, he experiences joy and more joy, constantly improving and challaneging himself to a psychological growth Self actualizationDid not say that traditional breadwinner is not a killer of psychological growth.New psychology of human growth: Capture counter culture: “hey do your own thing, find yourself, don’t do what other people do”

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