Dq 3 Mgt 216
Does your organization have a written code of conduct? If so, how effective is this code of conduct? To what extent do you think that a code of conduct can help to define the ethical values of an organization? How might a code of conduct policy reflect the personal ethics of the employees?

Yes, the organization I am employed with does have a written code of conduct. When hired there is training that new hires attend and a hard copy is given to each individual and everything in the book is discussed and clarified. This booklet gives employees the standards expected from the organization while employed.

What can a business do to reduce the likelihood of making unethical decisions and creating more ethical problems? Think of an example of unethical behavior you have observed in a business setting. Was this behavior a result of an unethical person or an unethical organization? Explain your answer.

The best suggestion for a business to reduce the likelihood of making unethical decisions and creating more ethical problems is for the business to continue to reiterate the code of conduct with its employees through training and signed policies for proof that the code of conduct was read and understood by each individual. An example of unethical behavior I have observed was maintenance issues that were not fixed and technician lied about the situation. The requestor took the problem higher level of authority, the supervisor of the technician covered up all actions to keep the employee at the position.

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