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The article (BBC News 2013) introduced a new function designed for Chrome web browser developed by Google. The new monitor and control function named ā€˜supervisor usersā€™ is generated for parents who intend to limit their childrenā€™s access to online information. It is reported that, a large proportion of underage users involving in risky behavior online, which incents their parentsā€™ desire to supervise their browsing activities. The innovation to a large extent meets parentsā€™ needs to monitor browsing history of their children and prevent children from reading inappropriate information like adult contents.

Google is launching a new feature named ā€˜Supervisor usersā€™ that allows parent gat access to childrenā€™s browsing history and block certain inappropriate sites (Lee 2013), which could be considered as a method to fulfill the parentsā€™ purpose of creating a healthier internet environment for their children. There exists an array of actors of ā€˜supervisor usersā€™, including parents intending monitoring the browsing behavior of children, children resisting controlled by parents and technological supporters of Google (SiteProNews 2013).

Although the new feature added to existing Chrome web browser is less likely to be considered as a technological transition, on account of that the new function is too tiny to identified as major and long-term technological change (Starkey 1990). The innovation could be regarded as a novelty since it is a new element added to existing technologies, which might incent further developments in personal website design business (Patowary 2013).

Irrefutably, the innovation taken place in Google Chrome browser resulting in improvements in Googleā€™s IT, which would benefit related users (Hovelja 2009). Correspondingly, teenagers who have much more safety internet environment on Google Chrome controlled by parents could be kept away from useless online information. Therefore, they are more likely to gain useful knowledge online with improved IT of Google.

People today could have access to massive information online due to the development of internet, especially those children who could view massive information via internet without their parentsā€™ supervision (Kennedy 2013). In response, the creation of ā€˜supervisor userā€™ assists parents block potential harmful information might be encountered by children (Mulligan 2013), hence it is a method to fulfill a human purpose. However, there exists significant drawbacks of the current developed feature. For example, only the website manually blocked by supervisor could out of the reach of children, which leads to a delay on personal control (Kastrenakes 2013). Hence, Google is supposed to perfect the monitor and control function.

Even if the present creation of Google is less likely to be considered as technological transition.

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