Local Area Networks
Essay Preview: Local Area Networks
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Final Exam
Fall 2004
1. To add or configure the network components, you would use.
a. Network and Dial-up Connections.
b. Add. Remove Hardware
c. Network Neighborhood
d. Device Manager
e. System.
The _____ is used to connect to a networks media
hard drive controller
SCSI card
network card
Which describes the correct order of the OSI model layers from bottom to top?
a. Physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, and application
b. Data link, physical, network, transport, session, presentation, and application.
c. Physical, data link, network, transport, presentation, session, and application
d. Application, presentation, session, transport, network, data link, and physical.
4.. Which clients allow a Windows computer to connect to a Novell Netware 5.0 network (Select all Correct answers.)
a. Client for Microsoft Networks.
b. Netware Client32
c. Client for Netware Networks
d. Banyan Dos/Windows 3.1 Client
5. .Which protocol is native to Novell Netware version 6.0?
a. TCP
b. IP
c. IPX
d. NetBEUI
6. Which protocol is native to Novell Netware version 4.11
a. TCP
b. IP
c. IPX
d. NetBEUI
7. The ________ is the central core of the operating system that interacts directly with the hardware.
a. kernel
b. worm
c. Program Central
d. shell
8. The graphical interface used with Linux is ____ (choose the best answer.)
a. Windows
b. X-Windows
c. Windows for Workgroups
d. Desktop
9. Which device can prevent Internet hackers from accessing a LAN?
a. A firewall
b. A gateway
c. A multistation access unit (MAU)
d. A router
10. Which well-known port is used for HTTP?
a. 21
c. 80
d. 110
11. .Which port is commonly used by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)?
a. 21
b. 80
c. 25
d. 100
Which well-know port is used by Post Office Protocol-3 (POP3)?
a. 21
c. 25
d. 110
13 The protocol used by the Internet is __________.
b. NetBeui
c. IPX
d. Appletalk
______________ is the process of taking a large network and dividing it into smaller networks.

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